The Crony-Corporatists have won!

The government needs more T&A!

Transparency & Accountability!!!
I say the governments are too big to succeed! Let them all crash, wash away all the backroom deals the bureaucrat politicians and their crony corporate partners tricked us into. Because if we knew what they were actually doing none of these bills would have ever passed! Let the “too big to fail” corporations implode as painfully as possible! Let the employees buy the company out of bankruptcy and take it private.

Pass laws that require all corporations to convert to member-owned cooperatives. Require all surpluses to be paid as tax-free dividends to the members.

The “investment” capital will naturally transition into variations of crowdfunding. Members pool their resources to acquire the products and services they desire. Such as affordable food and shelter.



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The Coop Evangelist

The Coop Evangelist

C3Alliance is a 100% member-owned non-profit cooperative association. Our mission is to end poverty & exploitation! Visit https://C3Alliance.Co