3 Easy Steps to Reclaim Your Sovereignty

The Coop Evangelist
3 min readFeb 22, 2022

So you decided to speak up and now the full force of the authoritarian government is coming down on you.

This would have been a low probability situation a few years ago, but it has become crystal clear that the world governments have absolutely ZERO intention of releasing all their new powers back to the people. The bureaucrats funded by the multi-national crony capitalist corporations have achieved critical mass and there is no stopping them now!!!

What are the options to protect and provided for yourself and the ones you love???

Become a member of C3 Alliance NOW!

We are building the infrastructure for our members to have everything they need to live free and satisfy their needs.

How? You ask…

The solution is a global network of cooperative capital communities!

Imagine being a location independent producer/creator living in a luxury resort at the lake, mountains, beach, whatever you prefer. Further, imagine being able to focus your skills on doing the work you do best and not having to worry about all the other issues of being self-employed. This is what Cooperative Capital Communities is building worldwide!

C3 Alliance is a member-owned cooperative!

This means that members are in charge of the governance of the communities. This also means we are a P2P network of members facilitating commerce amongst each other.

You are probably wondering this sounds good so far, but how does it work? Patronage is the key! The bottom line is patronage is how cooperatives measure the economic activity of their members that use the cooperative products and services.

Mentally picture a tokenized global barter system. We use a multi-stakeholder role-based patronage system. Producer, Purchaser, and Promoter roles are how we identify and measure the use of cooperative member services.

Did you know that under the current US and international tax laws cooperative patronage has many tax advantages? Members of C3 Alliance are treated as businesses so Producer patronage is credited as income, Purchaser patronage is treated as an expense, and Promoter patronage is treated as owner’s equity for tax purposes. So our members can work and generate income from providing their goods and services, member purchasers can buy virtually anything they need from other members, and at the end of the accounting cycle, purchaser debits will offset producer income. This potentially creates a TAX-FREE system for our members to live a location-independent resort lifestyle, buy everything they need, accumulate wealth, and do the work they LOVE!!!

Visit C3Alliance.Co to become a member now! Ohh, here are the 3 easy steps.

Step One: Mint an NFT Domain from unstoppabledomains.com for example ours is C3Alliance.X on the Ethereum blockchain. We used polygon chain and the fee was only $20 USD.

Step Two: Register for FREE with our Sovereign Identity Partner Global.ID using the minted domain you just created. Download the Global.ID mobile app! It has awesome end-to-end encrypted communication, private groups that you can use to replace all of the bullshit social media apps and build an audience that can’t be silenced! Activate the UpHold Crypto Wallet. This is how you transact commerce in our system. Also, add our C3 Alliance Group.

Step Three: Your NFT Domain is your member identity. So you need to register and become a member of C3 Alliance using that NFT Domain and link your new sovereign identity from Global.ID with us by syncing your new UpHold wallet address. Lastly, our annual membership fee is $100 USD paid in Bitcoin.

PS. We do not use fiat currency at all! All commerce is transacted wallet to wallet in multiple cryptocurrencies, including USDC, USDT, BTC, ETH, ADA, many more…



The Coop Evangelist

C3Alliance is a 100% member-owned non-profit cooperative association. We are ending poverty & human exploitation! Visit https://C3Alliance.Co